BT Business Survey

by Gill Keeble

Apparently a survey by BT Business of 7000 businesses discovered that one in 5 businesses use social networking as a part of their marketing strategy, in particular using twitter and blogs to get their message across.  Over 3/4 of businesses believe a website is an important part of their marketing strategy – but what occurs to me is just what are the other 1/4 thinking?!!  Their research also showed that weighting their special offers marketing efforts towards the internet produced a 3-fold increase in business.

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2 Responses to “BT Business Survey”

  1. Charlsie Redal says:

    You would be crazy to not use more Twitter marketing

  2. Twitter and Blogs are one of the easier social network to start with. It is relatively easy to spread your good words and ads through these kind of sites.

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